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Products - AC CAPACITORS FOR LIGHTING AND MOTORS - Lighting Capacitors CBB80 Series

Product Model: LC25-PCW

Product Model: LC25-PCW
Product Name: Lighting Capacitors CBB80-1
Description: Model reference:CBB80-1
Rated Voltage:250Vac
Rated Frequency:50/60Hz
Rated Capacitance:2uF to 16uF
Capacitance tolerance:+/-10% or +/-5% (upon request.)
Rated Min.&Max. temperatures: -40~+85 degrees
Climatic category:40/85/21
Protection Degree:IP00
Dissipation Factor:less than 0.002 at 50Hz,20 degrees
Test Voltage between terminals:2Un,2sec
Test Voltage between terminals and case: 2KV,2sec
Reference Standard: EN61048,EN61049
Approvals: CE,TUV
Case type: Plastic case
Terminals:Flexible or rigid leads length 18cm(othen length on request)
Fixing: Fixing feet

Advantages:Very small dissipation factor, small volume, light weight, small inherent temperature rise, excellent self-healing stability, safety and high reliability.It is safe because the capacitor is installed with discharge resistor and temperature fuze.

Applications:Power factor correction of transformers and magnetic ballasts in discharge lamps like fluorescent lamps,grill lamps,etc.

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